Founded in 2012 by Nasha Mekraksavanich, Nasha, just like its namesake, dares to be different. In Thailand where bag brands are only a handful, Nasha proves that its international success does not come by chances or lucks. Through meticulous designs and top-of-the-line, carefully sourced materials, Nasha bags are lauded for their geometric shapes, architectural constructions, developed metal works, subtle sleekness and weirdly wonderful cuts. Nasha’s creations, 100 percent hand crafted, stress on individualized personalities and attitudes that transcend beyond bags, aspiring to make unyielding statements and upholding high art of time honored craftsmanship.

With a degree in interior design from Thailand’s top arts university, Silapakorn, Nasha quickly found herself displeased with her supposed career choice, and at the tender age of 23, she relocated to Milan to study shoes making at Ars Sutoria which later led to a master’s degree in accessories design at Istituto Marangoni. After a short stint as head designer of an upstart Italian brand, Nasha decided to move back to Bangkok in order to establish her own brand, refusing a scholarship to further her design studies in process.

Frustrated by the lack of top quality small-scale production outlets, Nasha, upon her return to Thailand, decided to establish her own factory with a team of high skilled artisans and experienced craftsmen. Using internationally sourced materials and sophisticated techniques; Nasha is a marriage of passion and creativity, containing endless ideas and possibilities.

Nasha presented her first collection--spring/summer 2013—at Paris Fashion Week. Only into the second collection, Nasha was chosen by Vogue Italia as Vogue Talents 2013. This year, Nasha also won Vogue Thailand’s “Who’s On Next” competition.

Nasha bags are available at leading select shops worldwide. Nasha’s stockists include Selfridges, London/Luisa Via Roma, Florence/Les Suites, Paris and Club21 Thailand and 32 stores around the world. On 6th October 2015, Nasha will open a first pop-up store in The Emporium, Bangkok.